Party Time Welcomes You

Hey, welcome to Party Time! This blog will follow my escapades as a party animal. There is nothing better in this world than a good party with the wine flowing and everyone enjoying themselves. One thing I hate about parties is the drugs though, this website will be about people enjoying themselves with nothing stronger than a drink!

I have lived in several different countries over the last ten years and I was lucky enough to have fun in most of them, the ones with the warmer climates are definitely the place to go if you want to party! I spent some time in London and it just isn’t the same as sitting on the beach with a cocktail!

The other passion in my life is golf and I have managed to lower my handicap down to a solid 4 right now, warmer climates really do help with maintaining a golf swing. I did spend some time with a mate in London who had a golf simulator set up and that was a brilliant way to work on my swing. Playing on his Optishot gave my swing the boost it needed to get from a 6 handicap down to a 4. If you have the cash and the space at home then I would highly recommend making the investment. One of the benefits is the swing feedback you get after each shot, you can easily see what is up with your swing and what areas you need to focus on. I am currently spending some time in South Africa and this is the perfect place to play golf, they have some awesome courses as well as the perfect weather right throughout the year!

Anyway, partying in South Africa is amazing and you have to try and get down to Cape Town. This is wine country and everyone is outdoors enjoying wine with sunsets and amazing scenery. Sitting on top of table mountain at sundown with a bottle of pinotage cannot be beaten! I will post some more about Cape Town in the coming months as I plan to spend at least another six months here. Check out this video to get an idea of the views!


Although this blog is really aimed at my friends and family please feel free to drop me a line if you have to arrive here, and let me know where you are partying right now! If you happen to be in Cape Town then let me know what you are up to!