Interesting Discovery

I recently attended a party at one of the more upmarket areas of Cape Town where you will generally find anything from business men to well known TV show and radio personalities. I was invited by a good friend of mine who is know for being well connected in the circles of people that tend to frequent these types of events.

On arrival I was impressed with size of the home and you could only imagine that it cost millions for the area it was in. As with many upmarket South African homes it was fully equipped with all the latest gadgets including a bar, swimming pool and jacuzzi – all of which had an amazing view of the mountain. The party looked like any typical gathering like this with all the expensive cars outside and most of the guests in expensive designer clothing.

I enjoy this type of even, it makes you feel rather important in the world and a level above everyone else. There was plenty of food and the drinks were flowing so you really couldn’t help but to have a great time.

Later on in the night my friend introduced me to a couple of people that were friends of the owner. We had a drink together and they seemed like good fun to hang out with. After a while one of the said to me he had something to show me in the house and I must follow him to have a look. Initially, I thought it was a bit strange but my friend nodded so off we went. The house had a massive basement which was part wine cellar and part…. well – a full on area covered with the finest weed plants you ever saw. The whole area was professionally built with trays and special indoor plant lighting with an irrigation system. Apparently, the whole ran on timers and was fully automatic!

It really is amazing what people get up to behind closed doors, I reckon the amount in that house would fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars in the US but deep in a basement in South Africa it is nothing out of the ordinary. The whole thing would be illegal but most of the locals smoke it anyway so nobody really cares.

I guess it doesn’t mean a whole lot if you are reading this but I was quite amazed and thought it was worth a mention!