Golf Simulators are Worth It!

As I mentioned in my previous post I spent some time with a friend of mine in London who had a golf studio all setup in his house which enabled me to spend time working on my golf swing in the middle of winter. The simulator he had is known as an Optishot and with a current price of around $360 you can see it is well worth it. You can check out to read a full review and check out ordering information. It is important to note that you would also need a decent catch net and computer so that will obviously inflate the price a little bit.

You can check out this video from someone on YouTube who has a similar setup.


As you can see it is very easy to fix simple swing problems with one of these as it gives you immediate feedback after each shot. Some of the statistics you can get are as follows.

  • Swing Speed
  • Face Angle at Impact
  • Swing Path
  • Shot Distance

Just these few important details can help you identify simple swing problems that may be causing you trouble. Most of us cannot get to the driving range as often as we like and it becomes more of a problem during winter. With a simulator setup at home you can practice as much as you like day or even during the night!

I have noticed a marked improvement in my swing since spending the time there are I highly recommend you consider this option if you take your golf seriously.

Golf and a good party make up the main focus of my lifestyle right now and I need every advantage I can get on the course!

You can see some images below of the display system for the golf simulator.

As you can see the graphics are simply amazing and this adds to the realism and fun. Obviously, as a simulator you can choose to play on many different courses and even challenge your mates for a bit of fun!

A projector completes the experience and is recommended if you have enough space and the budget to set one up! It is not the same if you just use a LCD screen but it does work.

Now I just have to find someone in this part of the world with a similar setup so I can carry on with my swing improvements! Not easy when you travel around the world, especially in Southern Africa! In fact most of the simulators I have spotted in this area are the usual Launch Monitor which is fine for shops and golf clubs selling clubs but not much fun for the home user!

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