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Party Time Welcomes You

Hey, welcome to Party Time! This blog will follow my escapades as a party animal. There is nothing better in this world than a good party with the wine flowing and everyone enjoying themselves. One thing I hate about parties is the drugs though, this website will be about people enjoying themselves with nothing stronger than a drink!

I have lived in several different countries over the last ten years and I was lucky enough to have fun in most of them, the ones with the warmer climates are definitely the place to go if you want to party! I spent some time in London and it just isn’t the same as sitting on the beach with a cocktail!

The other passion in my life is golf and I have managed to lower my handicap down to a solid 4 right now, warmer climates really do help with maintaining a golf swing. I did spend some time with a mate in London who had a golf simulator set up and that was a brilliant way to work on my swing. Playing on his Optishot gave my swing the boost it needed to get from a 6 handicap down to a 4. If you have the cash and the space at home then I would highly recommend making the investment. One of the benefits is the swing feedback you get after each shot, you can easily see what is up with your swing and what areas you need to focus on. I am currently spending some time in South Africa and this is the perfect place to play golf, they have some awesome courses as well as the perfect weather right throughout the year!

Anyway, partying in South Africa is amazing and you have to try and get down to Cape Town. This is wine country and everyone is outdoors enjoying wine with sunsets and amazing scenery. Sitting on top of table mountain at sundown with a bottle of pinotage cannot be beaten! I will post some more about Cape Town in the coming months as I plan to spend at least another six months here. Check out this video to get an idea of the views!


Although this blog is really aimed at my friends and family please feel free to drop me a line if you have to arrive here, and let me know where you are partying right now! If you happen to be in Cape Town then let me know what you are up to!


Christmas Party 2015

I admit, it has been some time and I am seriously guilty of not spending enough time over here to keep my site going with all the latest news from my travels. As with many of us, our best intentions are not always followed and projects we start may not finished. One of my 2016 plans will be to work a lot harder on this site and ensure my family and friends stay updated with all of my adventures.

As you will know, if you have been here before I am from the great city of London but have been spending a large amount of my time in SA. This has probably been the most awesome time of my life and I would recommend anyone who is looking for a nice holiday to consider adding Cape Town to the list. There is so much to do here and it is really cheap for most Europeans.

The video above will give you some visual insight, but, take my word for it – the holiday will be awesome!

So, as much as I keep trying to party my life away I have noticed that the older I get the harder it becomes to keep at it. The thought of being drunk in a nightclub at 3am these days gives me the shivers so I guess I finally have to resign myself to the idea that I am getting older and I can’t keep up like I used to be able to.

This leads me to the next question, when I eventually decide to settle where will it be?

This is a tough one, as much as I would love to enjoy the lifestyle and money that comes with London I do feel as though I could get lost in the beauty of the Cape. I am still not sure – I guess only time will tell but hopefully I will decide fairly soon.

Christmas is the big one for me, even now as I get older! If any of you out there are reading this then please get in touch as I haven’t formally decided where I will go yet. There is also the contact form if you don’t have my latest details – hope to be on here soon with some super party Christmas pics!

Several Advances on my Golf

I really ought to work a lot harder at ensuring I post more frequently on this blog! It has been far too long but here is my update which should bring you up to speed with everything I have been doing over the past couple of months.

I have broken 80! Yes, you read that right! This is a huge milestone for me and one that I didn’t really plan for in the near future. I would have given myself at least another year but I have to thank my Optishot 2 golf simulator for that one! Working seriously hard on my golf swing has finally started to pay off and if you have the space in your home then I have to recommend looking into a setup that you can use for practice – it makes all the difference. There are a few different golf simulators to choose from and you can read some reviews right here to find out which one is recommended depending on your home size and budget. I can tell you that it will make a huge impact in your game giving you the opportunity to practice hard on your swing with full feedback on screen to help eliminate errors. I think it may take a few months before I see a repeat of that score but I will keep trying!

Christmas was a blast, I ended up playing a load of golf as well as chilling out with my friends in various different clubs and house parties. I am still in Cape Town, for anyone that is interested, and the weather was superb right throughout the Christmas season making it one of the most memorable seasons. It is hard to beat the cape weather to be honest, and I have been to many different countries globally,  CT also comprises some of the top golf courses, especially along the southern cape coast, which makes it the perfect spot for me to spend my time. As much I as I had thought about moving on I am finding it hard to make that move as I just love the place and surroundings. I may make the move to the UK in the summer as I have an option to work and play golf at a small course down in Sussex but we will see if that works out or not.

Finally, I have been working on my health with a little bit more effort and that includes my diet as well as the amount of exercise I get. You may be thinking that playing a lot of golf constitutes exercise but it really does not. I am talking about serious cardiac stuff! I even bought myself a brand new juicing machine so I can prepare healthy meals every morning that are full of nutrients. I am hoping that will help me to lose a little bit of weight in conjunction with the workout plan. Time will tell, I guess, but I will make a big effort to keep my progress documented on here to provide inspiration to others as well as some info for my family.





Interesting Discovery

I recently attended a party at one of the more upmarket areas of Cape Town where you will generally find anything from business men to well known TV show and radio personalities. I was invited by a good friend of mine who is know for being well connected in the circles of people that tend to frequent these types of events.

On arrival I was impressed with size of the home and you could only imagine that it cost millions for the area it was in. As with many upmarket South African homes it was fully equipped with all the latest gadgets including a bar, swimming pool and jacuzzi – all of which had an amazing view of the mountain. The party looked like any typical gathering like this with all the expensive cars outside and most of the guests in expensive designer clothing.

I enjoy this type of even, it makes you feel rather important in the world and a level above everyone else. There was plenty of food and the drinks were flowing so you really couldn’t help but to have a great time.

Later on in the night my friend introduced me to a couple of people that were friends of the owner. We had a drink together and they seemed like good fun to hang out with. After a while one of the said to me he had something to show me in the house and I must follow him to have a look. Initially, I thought it was a bit strange but my friend nodded so off we went. The house had a massive basement which was part wine cellar and part…. well – a full on area covered with the finest weed plants you ever saw. The whole area was professionally built with trays and special indoor plant lighting with an irrigation system. Apparently, the whole ran on timers and was fully automatic!

It really is amazing what people get up to behind closed doors, I reckon the amount in that house would fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars in the US but deep in a basement in South Africa it is nothing out of the ordinary. The whole thing would be illegal but most of the locals smoke it anyway so nobody really cares.

I guess it doesn’t mean a whole lot if you are reading this but I was quite amazed and thought it was worth a mention!

Golf Simulators are Worth It!

As I mentioned in my previous post I spent some time with a friend of mine in London who had a golf studio all setup in his house which enabled me to spend time working on my golf swing in the middle of winter. The simulator he had is known as an Optishot and with a current price of around $360 you can see it is well worth it. You can check out http://golfingsimulators.net to read a full review and check out ordering information. It is important to note that you would also need a decent catch net and computer so that will obviously inflate the price a little bit.

You can check out this video from someone on YouTube who has a similar setup.


As you can see it is very easy to fix simple swing problems with one of these as it gives you immediate feedback after each shot. Some of the statistics you can get are as follows.

  • Swing Speed
  • Face Angle at Impact
  • Swing Path
  • Shot Distance

Just these few important details can help you identify simple swing problems that may be causing you trouble. Most of us cannot get to the driving range as often as we like and it becomes more of a problem during winter. With a simulator setup at home you can practice as much as you like day or even during the night!

I have noticed a marked improvement in my swing since spending the time there are I highly recommend you consider this option if you take your golf seriously.

Golf and a good party make up the main focus of my lifestyle right now and I need every advantage I can get on the course!

You can see some images below of the display system for the golf simulator.

As you can see the graphics are simply amazing and this adds to the realism and fun. Obviously, as a simulator you can choose to play on many different courses and even challenge your mates for a bit of fun!

A projector completes the experience and is recommended if you have enough space and the budget to set one up! It is not the same if you just use a LCD screen but it does work.

Now I just have to find someone in this part of the world with a similar setup so I can carry on with my swing improvements! Not easy when you travel around the world, especially in Southern Africa! In fact most of the simulators I have spotted in this area are the usual Launch Monitor which is fine for shops and golf clubs selling clubs but not much fun for the home user!

Keep checking out my site for more updates on my thoughts, partying, traveling and playing golf in Africa!